onsdag den 23. december 2015

I heart shoes

Hi! I am so excited, will I have a new pair of shoes for Christmas? :) Shoes are always a welcome gift and an accessory you never can have enough of. The lovely shapes, fancy heals, flats and the hot ones for sport. Many of them are like little artworks, I could start a collection right away.

And now 2015 is coming to an end in a moment, how quick and sad. I am so glad I started this blog, and my goal is to write and develop more on this in the new year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

A shoe illustration which you also can see on my Instagram.

onsdag den 16. december 2015

New shopping with instant download

Hi! I dropped shipping and launched instant download with two new pictures. If you are interested in unique gifts for the holidays, you can choose between two new pictures or the others that ship under normal conditions.
Head over to my shop and lets see if you can be tempted.

Hej! Som noget nyt, har jeg lanceret to nye billeder, hvor den traditionelle forsendelse er droppet til fordel for instant download. Er du interesseret i unikke julegaver, kan du vælge mellem to nye billeder eller dem, der sendes via traditionelle betingelser.
Kig forbi min shop og lad os se om du ikke kan blive fristet.