tirsdag den 4. juli 2017

Fashion Illustration

Some fashion illustrations I did last fall, for an article about vanity, ego, self-perception, and beauty of course. Time flies as never before 👄 👀

torsdag den 29. juni 2017

New website

I made a new website for Danish Kids, a non-profit organization that supports poor families and school children in Minglanilla, Philippines.

I used WordPress and Sydney as template which also is responsive, and I think it fits well for this project, mainly because of the big slider with texts on the front page. The page contains opportunities for membership and donations, information about the organization, connection to social media, video display and so on. The people from Danish Kids are very satisfied with how it came out, and so am I 😊

Have a look here: danishkids.dk

Do contact me if you are a NGO, artist or anything else, and need a new website, and I will love to make one for you too.

Also a little pre-view here:

Have a great day!


søndag den 4. september 2016


Hi guys! I have been participating in #illustratewithus a weekly challenge by @aeldrawas_ and @denacooperillustration on Instagram. It's a super fine way to get in touch with other illustrators and it's also fun to see different interpretations of the same subject. I've been in for the last three weeks and the photos are so fine and the models are chick and beautiful.

It's better to draw together than alone! If you want to take part, jump over to Alessia Landi's blog and read the guide lines.

Here is my illustration from the first week, you can see the others here #illustratewithus.

illustratewithus fashion illustration

Susanne xo


lørdag den 13. august 2016

Fendi and me!


Fendi and me is the news I got for you. Yes, they made such a fine re-post on Instagram of an illustration I made of their fall-winter2016 collection. How wonderful is that!!!

And as you may know Fendi is 90 years this year, and celebrated it with a spectacular fashion show at the Trevi Fountain, where they launched the Legends & Fairy Tales collection. They have also made such an adorable exhibition, I have seen so many cool pictures of this on Instagram. It looks like a pop-futuristic world in real life. I want to see it :))

You can see my illustration here.

Fendi and me
Tilføj billedtekst

Best xo, Susanne!

søndag den 17. april 2016

Fashion illustration for blog and social media content+

Fashion illustration for fashion and lifestyle bloggers and social media+


A new service hits the ground and I'm still running! :))

I got a good start on this new project, as I was lucky to have Inma Rocamora Ruiz from Natural Elegance Fashion Blog, as my model, collaborator and ambassador!

Illustration has become extremely popular on social media. And Instagram has highly contributed to the growth and demand for artistic images. So why not use them on fashion and lifestyle blogs, too?

My illustrations are mostly made in watercolor, which give you the opportunity to hang them on the wall or use them digital on different sites.

A tailored illustration is a fine supplement and a great contrast to photographs, which tend to get more and more styled to perfection. Illustration brings back the human touch!

For more info jump over to my webpage: susanneriber.dk
And DO also see the nice post Inma wrote: Natural Elegance Fashion Blog 

tirsdag den 22. marts 2016

Gucci 2016 - fresh and colorful!

Just a little update from here. The newest fashion illustration I made of Gucci Spring 2016. Amazing collection in colors and accessories, and the glasses - cool and nerdy :) Romantic in a modern city way.

I've been more into design lately. Stay tuned!